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Ekta Kapoor hard work was successful after 6 years of struggle, became a famous TV producers like this

Today is the 46th birthday of Bollywood and TV’s famous producer Ekta Kapoor. On this special occasion of his birthday, many Bollywood and TV stars, as well as common people, are congratulating him a lot. Ekta Kapoor has made more than 130 serials during her career. Apart from serial, Ekta Kapoor has also tried her hand in Bollywood films and web series. Ekta Kapoor has also been awarded the Padma Shri award for her work. But this journey of the producer was not so easy. Ekta Kapoor had to face many ups and downs to reach this point.

A video related to Ekta Kapoor’s interview is making a lot of headlines, in which she is seen telling that she had received threats from her father Jitendra to either get married or do some work. Along with this, Ekta Kapoor told how she had once lost lakhs of money to her father, but she also learned a lot from this.

Talking about this, Ekta Kapoor said, “One day Papa came and he told me that you do work. I was working with Kailash Surendranath at that time, but if that work was done from home, my father did not know that much. In such a situation, he said that either work or get married. Because I don’t want you to just waste your time in the party.”

Talking about her father, Ekta Kapoor further said, “Papa told me that I am a man who has reached here on his own strength. And I’m not the kind of person who encourages my kids to fly without explaining the value of money.” Ekta Kapoor told in the interview that her father put many responsibilities on her to get her work.

The TV producer said in his interview, “Once I had wasted a lot of my father’s money, which I was very sad about. I had only some money left with which I made ‘Hum Paanch’. Things started, the program also went on air and after many years of struggle my hard work paid off.” Ekta Kapoor told that she struggled for about six years and from the year 2000, she started making hit serials on hit.

Let me tell you that apart from Ekta Kapoor, Jitendra had also said in the interview that I did not know that my daughter is so talented. In an interview with Femina, Ekta Kapoor had said that success and failure are a parcel given by her work. It doesn’t matter how much work we are doing as content creators. Because in the end, it is for the audience to decide.

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