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Encounter in Agra Bus hijack…

The person who hijacked the bus in Agra had an encounter on Thursday morning. The gangster fired on the police while police were doing checking in area Thana Fatehabad.

While the checking was going on a booth the criminals fired on the police. In the counter firing of police, a gangster got hit a bullet on his legs & one other criminal ran away from the spot.

According to the police, the injured gangster’s name is Pradeep Gupta & his name was coming in the hijacking of the bus. Police admitted him in the hospital & inquiry is still going on.

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Police top officials & STF team has reached hospital for the investigation & inquiry. On the other hand, his other members are being searched in the whole city.

Encounter in Agra Bus hijack...
image source: Naidunia

The Whole Incident of Bus hijack Agra…

Yesterday at 3 AM a private bus from Gurugram to Jhansi, Mauranipur, Chatarpur, Panna with 34 passengers left. When the bus reached the Agra South bypass, Some of the people overtake the bus & stopped the bus.

They told Bus driver that the bus is on finance & the EMI is not deposited on time. So the bus would be taken to the bank. They told the driver & conductor to sit in the Xylo car & one of the criminals started driving the Bus who was sitting in the car.

The passengers were not informed about it that why the bus driver & conductor has been changed. Later the passengers were shifted to another vehicle of the Jhansi & send them to Jhansi.

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When the whole incident came to the police officials. The police started the search by Bus & found the bus in Etawah. After that, the search for the criminals was going in the whole area.

Today morning the firing happened with the police in the Fatehabad area. When police were at a patroling point at Fatehabad. In which one of the criminals (Pradeep Gupta) got hit in his leg.


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