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Exam Important Or Health??

The country is going through very bad conditions, different troubles are going on from all around. One of these issues is related to the exams of the youth of our country as many colleges and universities have not been able to take the semester exams & competitive exams yet.

Due to the global pandemic coronavirus, today the whole world is off the track. All the students went back to their respective homes in the lockdown due to COVID-19 as the pandemic is spread through contact & gathering.

Now the question arises Students should give the examinations delayed due to Lockdown & COVID-19, and if yes how & who will take care of their health if the exams are organized as there will be gathering & no social distancing would be followed it the exam happens. If the examinations are conducted then all the students will gather together due to which the chances of spreading this pandemic are very much high.

Exam Important Or Health
Exam Important Or Health

If examinations are not conducted because of health and this pandemic, then many students who are in the final year who will need their degree soon to proceed for their job recruitments & for further higher education, for those final year students their degree is very important. Many young students who are in the mid-year i.e. second year or first year, their examinations can be done later or they can be promoted to the next year with their last academic performance & based on the internal marks.

But the students who are in the final year having a very tough & critical situation with them as they need to prepare their projects & models which are required in the last year& very important for their academic carrier. After this they have to work in any company or have to go for higher education, then their evaluation is necessary for this. It is being heard that it is being considered that the results will be declared based on the marks of previous years or previous semesters, but it is true that there will be many students who have scored less in the previous semester.

But its also true that there is a lot of risk in conducting the exams in this situation so we need to find a way so that there should be justice with every student & no student would be affected by this COVID-19 virus. If students gather to give the exam then is a lot of chance of getting infected to students which will be transmitted at a very high speed throughout the nation as students studying in colleges & universities are from a different location in the whole country.



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