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Facebook can be finned of 500 crores $ for Data security…

A case has been filed at America on Allegation on Facebook that Facebook is using tools for collecting data from face recognition tools.

A fine of 500 US$ can be finned on Facebook for an allegation of collecting the biometric data.

America has filled a case on Facebook in which it is said that Facebook is collecting the biometric data from its other company like Instagram without any permission from the users.

According to the International media the case has been filled at Redwood court last Monday.

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Instagram taking facial recognition data…

There are allegations on the Instagram company of Facebook, that Instagram is using a tool for facial recognition for tagging the persons on Instagram.

Facebook can be finned of 500$
image source: Time Magazine

On the other hand, Instagram has also accepted that they have used this type of tool for face recognition. But according to Instagram, there is special security for the data of the users & special permission is been taken from the users.

Data of 10 crore people collected…

In this case, the allegation on Instagram is that they automatically scan the face of the people. Meanwhile, the faces of the people also get scanned who is viewed on any other Instagram account.

In the case, it is said that the company has data of those people also who don’t agree with the terms & policies of the people. Meanwhile, 10 crore data has been collected by the company until now.

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Facebook Replied…

According to the International media, the spokesperson of Facebook rejected all the allegations raised on the company in this case. He said that neither Facebook nor Instagram uses any kind of these tools for face recognition.

This is not the first time when the case has been filed on Facebook for using face recognition tools on social media platforms.

Last month the company has to pay a fine of 65 crores US$ for the allegation of the company is not following the policies of data handling.

This case is filed in the context of a company is using face recognition tools on Instagram which is also a part of Facebook.

This was filled because as someone uploads a picture on Instagram the application automatically tags that person in the image.


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