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Facebook is bringing a clubhouse-like feature

Facebook announced on Monday that their company is going to produce a new feature, which will be named Live Audio Room. It will compete with the clubhouse which is becoming increasingly popular in the present times. Let’s say that the clubhouse provides users with the ability to listen to audio and listen to live conversations. An issue can also be discussed in this.

Mark Zuckerberg, who runs Facebook, plans to release the latest feature by the end of this summer, which he has revealed in a blog post. Facebook will soon complete the remaining tests on this feature. There will also be testing with some well-known individuals and select groups. This features can knock with Facebook Messenger, which is Facebook’s instant messaging app.

Soundbites will also be launched

Facebook has announced another audio product called SoundBytes. Short audio clips will be created and shared on this platform. Sound bytes will be shown along with the main news feed. This feature will also be tested soon.

You can take a fee from those who listen

According to the company, she will record the discussion and audio of a particular person in this live audio room, who will also get a chance to listen live and it will also be recorded. Also, membership or a one-time subscription can be started for this. However, it is still in the plan and when it will be implemented, its information has not been given.

Podcasts can be heard directly from Facebook

Apart from this, with the help of Facebook app, users can listen to podcasts directly. More than 170 million people are connected on the podcast Centric Facebook pages. About 35 million users are members of podcast fan groups.

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