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Facebook is shutting down the face recognition system, know why?

In today's era, the form of Facebook has become widespread in all the platforms of social media. According to one figure, Facebook has recorded a net income of $ 9.1 billion. This is an increase of 17 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

Social media platform Facebook announced late Tuesday that it would be shutting down the face recognition system. Let us tell you that the company introduced the face recognition system back in 2010. Regarding this, it was informed by Facebook that with the closure of this system, it will delete the faceprints of more than one billion people.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday, Jerome Pesenti, deputy head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Facebook’s new holding company ‘Meta’, informed through a blog, “This step will be the biggest change in the history of technology towards the use of face recognition. In the blog, he wrote that more than a third of active users on Facebook accepted the service’s settings and they were also successful in identifying them.

It is worth noting that the task of this facial recognition software was to identify the pictures uploaded on Facebook and tell the users. So that the people present in the photo can be tagged. However, now it is being discontinued by the company.

Pesenti wrote on his blog, “People who have opted out of the face recognition setting will no longer be automatically recognized in photos and videos. Now Facebook will erase the facial recognition template used to identify them.

Actually, because of this technology, Facebook has faced many legal actions in the last few years. Regarding this decision, Pesenti explained in his blog post, “This technology has many concerns among users, and the rules governing its explicit use are still in process. So in the midst of this uncertainty, we believe it is appropriate to limit the use of this technology.

According to a report, Facebook is planning to remove this technology by December this year. But at the same time, there is also information that the company will not eliminate DeepFace.

Let us tell you that the name of the holding company of the social media platform Facebook has now been rebranded as Meta. In fact, for some time, there were continuous reports that Facebook is about to do a re-branding. For the time being, it has been clarified from Facebook that in this change it will not change its corporate structure.

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