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Farmers Protest: What are the main demands of farmers, what is the government’s favor on them, know everything

New Delhi Farmers of Punjab and Haryana are trying to protest against the farmers’ laws in the capital Delhi. Under the slogan of ‘Delhi Chalo’, farmers are moving from Punjab and Haryana towards the Delhi border. At the same time, a large amount of police force has been deployed on the border of Delhi to stop the farmers.

Three bills related to agriculture have been passed in the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha. The central government is describing these bills as reformers in agriculture. At the same time, farmers are opposing them.

Freedom to sell the crop to farmers anywhere
The government says that farmers can sell their crops at the desired location. You can also sell and buy crops in other states without any hindrance. That is, buying and selling of crops is possible even outside the mandis. With this, there will be no tax on the sale of the crop. Farmers will also be allowed to sell online and farmers will get good prices.

Farmers fear market and MSP to end
Farmers are afraid that the minimum support price (MSP) and mandis may end due to the new farmer law. Till now, the farmers used to sell the crop in the nearby mandis at the MSP fixed by the government.

The new Farmers Act has approved the business of agriculture outside the Agricultural Produce Market Committee. Due to this, farmers are afraid that they will no longer get the right price for their crops. Till now, the merchant had to pay 6 to 7 percent tax on the purchase of grain from the farmer. There will be no tax of any kind on the purchase of food grains outside the market. The farmers feel that in the coming time, the mandis will be completely destroyed and the farmer will be directly handed over to the traders.

At the same time, the central government is saying that it will continue the MSP, with this, the mandis will not be closed anywhere in the country. The government has not added this fact to the new law. At the same time, farmers are demanding that MSP be added to the N law. Due to this, there is discontent among the farmers and they feel that the MSP can be stopped soon.

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