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Topical, fastag: which trains are required, which will get discounts

Fastag has become mandatory on all trains across the country. It was implemented from Monday night. Whether you roam the city or use the highway for commuting, you will need to fasten your car. The last date for the implementation of the earlier fastag will not be increased – the government has made it clear. If you accidentally put your car on the toll plaza without fastag, then you will be charged a double toll.

From now on, all trains passing on toll-marks are required to be fastened. After which cashless payments will be made at these toll plazas via Fastag. It is expected that this will not cause long queues of trains at the toll plaza, as well as get rid of the jam. The government will end the facility of dedicated cash lanes on toll plazas till now and all the lanes will be able to get vehicles through the fastag without interruption.

If you live in the villages around the highway or in a city where you have to pass through the toll plaza, then it will be necessary for you to fasten the car. Till now, the residents of such places used to cross the toll plaza by showing the Aadhaar card, but will not be able to do so now. The government guidelines do not provide any exemption for local vehicle owners.

Till now, the employees of the toll plaza used to see the identity card or Aadhaar card to avoid any dispute, allowing such citizens to pay the toll without paying. People within a 20 km radius of the toll plaza will have to fasten the vehicles. For this, the government has provided a monthly fee. Such people will have to recharge fast of Rs 275 monthly every month.

Fastag with zero balance for two trains of MLAs and MPs has been issued by the government. Government departments will have to apply on the NHAI website to have a zero balance fastag. Till now, if army or police officers used to leave the toll plaza in private vehicles on the toll plaza, they would get a discount in payment by showing the identity card. A guideline has been sent by NHAI to the toll operator company under Schedule-G, which states that if army personnel are on duty and traveling in a government vehicle, they will not be charged tax, but they will get their own vehicle It will be mandatory to fasten.

Where bought Fastag, there will be recharge. People will have to recharge Fastag from where they have been purchased. If Fastag recharges from another bank, then it will have to pay a loading charge of 2.5 percent, that is, you will have to pay 25 rupees more for 1000 rupees. With UPI or Google Pay, you can recharge Fastag by including the concerned bank. It will be considered valid for a period of five years.

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