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Fine up to Rs 20,000 at Chandani Chowk…

In September, there will be no vehicles on the road of Chandani Chok, Delhi. There will be no vehicle pollution in Chandani chowk. Only pedestrians can be seen. No motor vehicles will be seen in September.

If any Motor vehicle or any vehicle is seen in Chandani Chock a fine of Rs 20,000 will be fined in the Motor Vehicle Act. If fined for the first time will be fined Rs 500 & if fined second time will be fined Rs 15,000.

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Why Rs 20,000 fine at Chandani Chowk!!

According to Vyapar Mandal President Chandani Chok Sanjay Bhargav road redevelopment work is going from Red Fort to Fatehpuri Mosque of approx 1300 meters. In which Red Fort to Bhai Matidans Chauk (450 meters) work is completed.

Rest work of road redevelopment from Bhai Matidas to Fatehpuri Mosque will be completed in September. The deadline to complete the road in September. After the completion of the road, only pedestrians can use the road.

For the pedestrian 5.5 foot area is reserved on both sides. 5.5-foot area is also left for the registered rickshaw, But limitations will be also set for this. CM Kejriwal will also inspect the road today & have a look at How much work is completed.

According to Bhargav after completion of the road to stop the motor vehicle-pedestrian notification will be put but even though any motor vehicle comes on this road so he will be fined according to New Vehicle Act-2019 & will be fined Rs500 for the first time & Rs 15,000 in the second time.

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Overall Rs 20,000 can be charged by adding all the fines. So motor vehicles will be allowed from September. The final deadline for the completion of the road is by September.

According to the sources approx 500-meter road is completed & still 700 to 750 meters of the work is left. according to sources after the redevelopment of the road traffic problem will be solved a lot as Chandani Chowk is a very congested area & always had a problem with bumper to bumper traffic.


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