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First Plasma Bank in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow…

Currently, every state is suffering from global pandemic coronavirus. Uttar Pradesh is one of those states which has the highest number of coronavirus cases. To date, Uttar Pradesh was not having a specific plasma Bank in the state.

First Plasma Bank…
Uttar Pradesh’s hospital having difficulty to get plasma for the serious patient of coronavirus. patients could not get the plasma at the right time because of not having a proper plasma bank and not getting any plasma donor.

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Now the patient can get plasma in an easy way, now the capital of Uttar Pradesh has got permission to begin the first plasma bank in the Lucknow.

Plasma Bank

image source: The Conversation

Various states have plasma banks in the country, Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha. Lucknow situated KGMU, 120 people can donate plasma in a day situated transfusion medicine department bank.

Chairman of department Profesor Tulika Chandra told that this plasmapheresis therapy is totally safe. before donating plasma, donors have to test for hemoglobin, malaria, hepatitis-b & HIV.

How Plasma Saves lives…
Actually, plasma is taken from those who have recovered from coronavirus. plasma is made from recovered patient blood and because of this 1-2 patients can be recovered.

Only those blood is taken for use who’s blood has antibodies to fight with coronavirus. that patient who recovered fresh from coronavirus who’s blood produces an antibody.

First Plasma Bank in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow…
image source: HuffPost India
When that antibody goes inside the coronavirus patient so that will give a response and the virus become weaker and the expectation of recovering from coronavirus becomes more.

Recovered coronavirus patients can donate the plasma after 2 weeks. after recovering plasma develops in the body and these antibodies help people to recover.

When any person donates blood so doctors get plasma from that person’s body and when that plasma is given to any patient then antibody reaches in that ill patient which helps them to recover. one person can save two life of corona patients.

Capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow has begun the first plasma bank. inauguration of plasma bank is done by governer of Lucknow Anandi ben Patel by video conferencing. now people can give plasma in KGMU and SGPGI.

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