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Foreign Corona vaccine introduced for the first time in the country, know who took the first dose of Sputnik V vaccine

New Delhi For the first time in the country, the foreign vaccine of Corona vaccine has been given. The vaccine of Russian vaccine Sputnik V has been given to Deepak Sapra. He has taken this vaccine in Hyderabad. Deepak Sapra is the Global Head of Custom Pharma Services of Dr. Reddy Laboratories. In the fight against Coron, two vaccines Kovishield and Kovaxin are already being put to the people, in such a situation, the coming of the third vaccine will give more strength to India in the fight against Corona.

Please tell that the price of Russia’s Sputnik V Corona vaccine has also been fixed in India. Here it will cost 948 rupees. 5% GST will be levied separately on the vaccine. After-tax, the price of a dose will be Rs 995.

Available in the Indian market from next week

Regarding the Sputnik vaccine, the Union Health Ministry has announced that this vaccine against the corona epidemic will be available in the markets across the country early next week. The government has announced this 12 days after the first shipment of 150,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.

Has been developed in Russia

The Sputnik V vaccine has been developed by the Gamalaya National Center in Russia. After the rise of Corona infection in the country, there was a sudden increase in the demand for vaccines. In such a situation, people can get relief from the pandemonium for the vaccine by coming into the Sputnik vaccine market.

Two vaccines are already in the market

Before the Sputnik vaccine, Kovishield is being provided by the Serum Institute of India based in Pune, while the cocaine developed by Bharat Biotech International Limited based in Hyderabad is being provided to Indian citizens.

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