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Get such new features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp tips and tricks: The popularity of instant messaging app WhatsApp is not hidden from anyone and it is run by people of every age group. Many people, including youth, need some special features related to privacy, for which they install an additional app. But today we are going to tell you, about some special features of WhatsApp, which can be activated just by going to Settings.

Let us know about some special settings of WhatsApp. You don’t need to do much for this. You just have to open the WhatsApp app present in the phone. After that click on the three dot option given in the top right. Where you will get the option of setting, clicking on it will have to go to Account and then to Privacy.

whatsapp last seen

WhatsApp has a feature to hide last seen. With the help of Last Seen, the front can see at what time you came online. To hide this and keep your privacy, go to the Last Seen option, where you can choose Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. After selecting Knobby, no one will be able to see your last seen.

whatsapp read receipt off status

There is a feature of WhatsApp, by which the front person knows whether his message has been read or not. But users can hide that report if they want. For this, by clicking on the green option given in front of the read receipts, it has to be grayed out.

whatsapp group restrictions

Many WhatsApp users do not want them to be included in any group, for that they can impose WhatsApp group restrictions. Restrictions can be placed on WhatsApp’s Group Options option under WhatsApp’s Privacy option, which you can choose according to you.

how to disable fingerprint lock in whatsapp

The bottom of this privacy option is to lock the fingerprint scanner, with the help of which users can keep their personal chats safe from the eyes of others. After activating this feature, users will be able to unlock WhatsApp with the help of fingerprint only.

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