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Global mobilization on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan

India has made it clear that it will not support a government with guns in Afghanistan, amid the increasing occupation of the Taliban. Twelve countries, including India and America, have stood in favor of this opinion regarding Afghanistan. Pakistan and China have also joined this global mobilization against the Taliban. Ways to control the security situation in Afghanistan were discussed in the surprise conference convened in Qatar. In this, all the countries decided in one voice that there would not be support or recognition of the government-controlled by the gun.

Representatives of foreign ministries of 12 countries including India, US, Qatar, China, Pakistan attended the regional conference in Qatar to discuss ways to control the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. Twelve countries, including India, the US, and China, have decided, along with representatives from the United Nations and the European Union, that they will not recognize any government in Afghanistan that seeks to seize power at gunpoint. Qatar hosted the conference.

The Indian side was represented at the meeting in Doha by JP Singh, Joint Secretary, Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran Division in the Ministry of External Affairs. India on Thursday said the situation in Afghanistan is a matter of concern and is looking forward to a comprehensive ceasefire to end violence in that country. Regarding this conference, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that all countries have agreed that the peace process needs to be accelerated and they will not recognize any government established through military force.

Taliban capture entire southern part

In Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of the entire southern part of the country on Friday, capturing the capitals of four more provinces and slowly moving towards Kabul. Taliban militants have captured Lashkar Gah, the capital of Afghanistan’s Helmand province, taking prisoner Ismail Khan, a local tribal chief who has been fighting fiercely for the past several days. Along with Ismail Khan, Afghanistan’s Deputy Interior Minister General Rahman and several top police officers have been arrested. The Taliban has demolished Ismail Khan’s fort.

Ismail Khan has been called the friend of India. Afghan officials have confirmed to local media that the Taliban have captured Lashkargah, the capital of South Helmand province. Ismail Khan, the local chief of the police and army, wanted to leave Herat by helicopter but all of them were caught by the Taliban. Ismail Khan is a former Mujahid who took up arms in the 1970s. After this, he fought a war against the Taliban.

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