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Godse Gyanshala closed in two days, Hindu Mahasabha said

Two days ago, the All India Hindu Mahasabha opened a library in its Gwalior office with Nathuram Godse, the murderer of Mahatma Gandhi. On Tuesday, the police closed it and seized books. Police have taken this action keeping in mind the law and order. There were a lot of protests in the Hindu Mahasabha’s ‘Godse Gyanashala’ and there was an uproar on social media. In view of this, Section 144 was imposed by Gwalior Superintendent Amit Sanghi.

Sanghi said, ‘There was a meeting with the members of the Hindu Mahasabha and its Gyanashala was closed. Literature, posters, and other material have been seized. Javir Bhardwaj, vice-president of the Hindu Mahasabha, told The Indian Express that in addition to the literature related to the life of Godse, lectures were also to be held in this gyanashala. These speeches would have talked about Godse’s life journey and Gandhi’s failure to stop the partition. He said, ‘My aim was to send the message to as many people as possible and that is complete. We did not want to violate the law in any way, hence the library was closed. ‘

In the year 2017, Hindu Mahasabha had also installed Godse idol where worship was to be done. It was removed a few days later and an FIR was lodged against some members of the General Assembly. However, no case has been registered this time.

The opposition Congress has accused the BJP of failing to register an FIR. Party spokesperson KK Mishra said, “If the BJP government does not agree with anyone, they call it an enemy of the country but could not even register an FIR against those who insult the father of the nation.”

SP Sanghi said, ‘A case was filed under the MP Freedom of Religion Act in the case of the statue planted in 2017. There was talk of installing the idol this time too, but before that, the library was closed. If anything is done wrong, the police will take action.

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