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Google added Data Safety section on Play Store now the app will tell which data is being used where

Google added Data Safety section on the Play Store

Google has rolled out a new feature on the Play Store to protect users. Google has added a new data safety section under this, with the help of which, like Apple, it will be able to find out which developers are taking which personal information of users. Or which app is stealing users’ data.

Apple App Store is only providing information about the data the app collects, shares, and secures after the introduction of a privacy label on its App Marketplace. Now, in the same way, Google will also give complete information about the app to its users.

The search engine giant has activated data protection on its store listings in both the browser and Android Store apps, but it still requires developers to submit information for listings and requires all developers for their apps. This section has to be completed by July 20.

Know which data is being used for what purpose

Google has told that the data of the users is being used by the app developers without giving any information. That’s why Google has designed the data protection section so that developers can clearly know what data is being collected and for what purpose it is being used.

What things will be visible in the data protection section

  • Is the developer collecting the data and for what purpose.
  • Is the developer sharing the data with third parties?
  • App’s security practices, such as encryption of data in transit and whether users can ask for data to be deleted.
  • Whether an eligible app has committed to complying with Google Play’s Family Policy to better protect children in the Play Store.
  • Have the developer validate their security practices against a global security standard (more specifically, MASVS).

what will be the benefit?

With the addition of this section, users will get great security. Keeping in mind the safety of users, download and use the same app, which is not sharing personal data of any users and with themselves or third parties. With this, those apps will also be less visible on the Play Store which takes personal data of people.

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