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Google will let You Know Who is Calling.

Finally, Google announced on Tuesday Verified Calls, a very unique & new feature in the phone app on Android devices, This app will identify caller name & actual business numbers in an effort to fight with phone fraud.

This is a very serious issue in India and many parts of the world. Google’s verified Calls will show you the caller’s identity. The Verified Calls feature is first being released in India, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and the US. After the announcement, this will also be released in different other parts of the world.

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It has been currently introduced in the Google Phone app. Through this feature, users will know is the exact person calling, what is the reason for calling and the caller’s logo will also be seen in this phone app by google.

Google will let You Know Who is Calling.
image source: The Verge

After the introduction of this very unique feature, fraud callers will be put under control all over the world. With the introduction of this feature, the TrueCaller app will get a tough challenge.

Google has written in a blog post that users will get a lot of benefit from this. The verified batch of business will also be seen on the numbers verified by Google. When any type of business call is received, users will see who is calling and why.

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Google Verified Calls will only work as TrueCaller app. Meaning that after the arrival of this app, the user will not need to download any third party app. With the introduction of this app, users will get a lot of benefits and will help in curbing fraud.

Google has written in a blogpost that spam and scam calls are also a big problem in India. Google’s verified calls feature rollout will relieve the problem of user fraud callers. Apart from such a facility, the main idea is to deal with phone call fraud.

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