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Government bid for action on Twitter – Gave many opportunities but did not understand

The central government on Wednesday confirmed that The legal protection given to Twitter under the IT Act has been withdrawn. That is, now Twitter has been stripped of its status of being an intermediary platform and it will be held responsible for its content like any other website. It has been told that this step has been taken due to non-information of the appointment of the officer under the new IT rules by Twitter.

Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Wednesday that Twitter had failed to comply with the moderator rules and “deliberately” chose not to follow them despite being given several opportunities. Taking a dig at social media platforms for non-compliance of rules, Prasad said it is “astonishing” that Twitter, projecting itself as the flag bearer of free expression, deliberately disobeys when it comes to arbitrator guidelines. chooses the path.

Prasad said in a series of posts on indigenous social media platform ‘Koo’, “Many questions are being raised about whether Twitter is entitled to the protection provision. However, the general fact of the matter is that Twitter has failed to comply with the arbitrator guidelines that came into force from May 26.

A harbor provision is a provision of a law or regulation that specifies that certain conduct shall not be deemed to be in contravention of a given rule. The minister also tweeted regarding this matter. Prasad said Twitter was given many opportunities, but it deliberately chose not to follow them.

The protection given under the law ended: Let us inform that in the event of not following the guidelines issued by the government, the government had warned social media companies to take away the security provided under the IT Act. On February 26, the government had asked all social media companies to comply with IT rules within three months. But Twitter did not follow these rules, due to which Twitter was warned three times.

However, the social media company has not yet appointed a nodal officer. In such a situation, the IT Ministry had threatened to take major action on Twitter. It has been told that the right to security under Section 79 of the Indian IT Act has now been taken away from Twitter.

What did Twitter say?: Twitter on Tuesday said it has appointed an interim chief compliance officer for India and will soon share the details of the officer directly with the information technology ministry. The government, however, hit back saying that Twitter had failed to comply with the rules despite repeated delays.

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