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Guidelines for JEE Advance 2020…

Keeping in mind the questions being raised about the JEE Main Examination, the IIT issued its guidelines to secure the exam. Siddharth Pandey, Chairman of JEE Advanced -2020 & Professor of IIT Delhi, said that to keep a distance of 6 feet between 2 students in the examination hall, 2 computers will be kept vacant in the middle i.e. that children will not be seated on it. Students have to reach the center in different slots.

If a student does not follow the rules of Covid-19, he/she will be excluded from the examination.

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We want to assure the students and parents that the rules of Covid-19 will be especially followed before and during the examination, for which all 23 IIT directors, teachers, and personnel will prepare together. Senior officers of IIT will be present in the examination center itself so that there is no problem or problem of any kind.

Guidelines for JEE Advance 2020...
image source: Deccan Herald

IIT’s will follow these guidelines –

● The admit card of all the students taking the exam will be scanned with barcode without putting a hand so that all the information of the student will be in front of the investigating officer.

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● Seating area, chair, table, monitor, keyboard mouse, doors, handles etc. for university students will be sanitized before the paper.

● A circular enclosure will be made from outside the center and in place of sitting and standing in the room and the room will be sanitized.

● Before entering the examination center, the student’s hand will be washed with soap, he will be given a new mask and glove so that he will have to take the exam by wearing it.

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● Like NTA, IITs will be brought separately during JEE Advance so that there is less crowd gathering outside the center, the family members will not be allowed to stand in the examination center.

AICTE and UGC expressed concern that if there is further delay in the examination, it will affect the jobs of students and teachers. Admissions to lakhs of seats in universities across the country are stuck due to the delay in the examination of JEE.

The process of admission in engineering medical to general degree programs have not even started yet. Students, after seeing the results of JEE and NEET first, if they do not get the college they want, then they enroll in other universities. In such a situation, if there is further delay in the examination, it will affect the future of the students as well as the job of teachers.

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The UGC has expressed concern over this as it has stuck admission in graduates, so far no institute has opened the admission window, the admission will be based on JEE merit or based on other examinations.

If there is further delay then when and how will college counseling be. After this, the academic session will end, admissions will be stuck on lakhs of seats. Not getting admission in private and other technical colleges will threaten thousands of teachers on their jobs.



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