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Hanuman Chalisa started reading aloud with oxygen mask removed; Death of victim

Sensational news has emerged from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Where in a hospital Coronavirus He was not being treated with medicines and oxygen but was being heard by some people by listening to Hanuman Chalisa and chanting. Actually, a video has surfaced in which two women were holding the hand of a corona patient and took out the mask of the patient and started reading Hanuman Chalisa aloud to him. This video is being told of the Covid-19 ward of Kanpur. Sadly, the victim later died.

In the video, the woman is claiming that she will cure the patient by reciting poojas and reciting Hanuman Chalisa. These women start loudly cheering on the patient. The extent of superstition was that these women removed oxygen-carrying tubes from the patient’s mouth. Due to this, the patient also died later. This is not the only case of treatment of corona by superstition, but in another case, many people started rubbing their bodies with cow dung and urine to protect themselves from Kovid-19. In the midst of a collapsing health system, people’s faith has remained superstitious.

A different case came up in Saharanpur in UP. Where some people lit incense in the buckets and started roaming around the street. So that the smoke of the incense kills the coronavirus. When politics and administration are unable to provide treatment to the public, then people move towards similar superstitions.

It is not that only the public is engaged in such superstitions, rather many leaders promote such superstitions. Recently Usha Thakur, a BJP leader and a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, even said that a havan is necessary for the destruction of the coronavirus. The minister called the havan a medical practice and said it was necessary. The minister claimed that the corona epidemic will not even touch India if it purifies the environment with a havan.

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