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Hema Malini’s hand was tight in the case of cooking, Dharmendra used to eat idli sambar in love.

Hema Malini and Dharmendra’s love story is a film. Both of them ignored each other’s background and established their love world. Dharmendra hails from Punjab and Hema Malini is from South (Tamil Nadu). Dharmendra loves to eat parathas and Punjabi (North Indian food). At the same time, Hema Malini likes South Indian food. However, Hema Malini does not know how to cook.

During a show, Hema Malini said that she never had to do the cooking. She says that she never cooked food to please Dharam ji, as both of us were busy at work. After that, I realized how important it is to learn cooking.

Hema further said – When Isha and Ahana went to school, their friends used to bring different food in the tiffin box. Children used to ask each other what did your mother make? In such a situation, both of them used to come up and say that you are not making anything. Hema further said – Then I felt very bad. Then I also told my mother why you never taught me. Children are speaking, now what should I make?

He further said- Then when we went Abroad for vacations, I started learning cooking there. I used to call my mother from London to Bombay, then she would tell me the recipe. Isha says – it was very nice to eat Indian food in London, Rasam was a mother.

Hema also told that after marrying Dharmendra, he never tried to make Punjabi food. In The Kapil Sharma Show, Hema Malini says that even though Dharmendra likes to eat parathas and other Punjabi-North Indians, he likes to eat idli-sambar whenever he comes here. On this, Kapil Sharma says- Hema Ji they eat in your love, otherwise the Punjabi man and the paratha come along.

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