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T20 world cup postponed!! During the Corona epidemic – Cricket Australia!!

As we all know that the whole world is fighting an epidemic like corona. In such a situation, Cricket Australia Chairman Earl Adams said that the t20 World Cup will not be held in October-November this year for the Karona period. Because it is impossible for us to host 16 teams. Let us tell you that the ICC has to decide for the T20 World Cup to be held in October-November. Travel is banned in many countries due to Corona. In the last meeting of the ICC, the decision on the tournament was deferred for 1 month.

It is believed that the tournament may be postponed and the IPL may be held at that time. Only last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made an important announcement about the game, saying that from next month, 25% of the spectators will be allowed to come to the stadium.

After this statement, the hopes of organizing the World Cup in Australia were greatly increased. Cricket Australia Chief Executive Kevin Robert has relinquished his position, replacing T20 World Cup Chief Executive Nick Hawkley. Kevin replaced Sutherland 20 months ago. Cricket Australia was overshadowed by the controversy over ball-tampering.

At the same time, if the IPL happens, then the IPL tournament can get a record-breaking TV audience. The possibility of hosting the IPL has increased after Cricket Australia called the World Cup event impossible.

The owner of one team says that in the current situation, organizing the IPL will not be easy. First, we have to look at the proper location. A lot of things should be available, there is the infrastructure used inside and outside the grounds. He said that if there is a small IPL, then there is no problem with that.

After the news of the T20 world cup that it will not be able to host on time, There are many disappointments to the cricket fans as they are not able to travel anywhere & locked in there homes so in this fans were expecting the IPL matches for the entertainment but even got the news of the postponing of the T20 world cup to.


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