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G-7: ‘B3W’ plan, how much is the need for a new global mobilization

The G-7, a group of powerful countries in the world, is feeling the need for a new global mobilization. In the three-day conference in France, the G-7 group plans to support ‘low and middle’ income countries. G-7 countries will help them to build better infrastructure. The way China has been presenting industrial, strategic, strategic challenges at the global level, developed industrial countries are feeling the need to expand their scope.

India has emerged as a major partner in such an exercise. Australia, South Korea, and South Africa have been taken along with India. Some time ago, in the meeting of the ‘Quad’ group of four countries, the important issue was the policies of China. The role made in the ‘Quad’ meeting was carried forward in the G-7 meeting. In his speech, US President Joe Biden laid out the ‘B3W’ (Build Back Better World) plan, which is seen as a high-quality alternative to China’s economic-commercial plans.

Alternative plan

China’s Belt and Road Project (BRI) has helped improve trains, roads, and ports in many countries. There has also been criticism of China for trying to entrap some countries in the name of help, after drowning them in debt, and occupying the areas of strategic importance those countries, such as the port of Sri Lanka. . There was a debate going on at the global level for a long time regarding the option of this policy of China.

The US, in particular, has been critical of China’s ‘debt diplomacy’, the so-called US in particular. “They will offer a value-driven, high-standards, transparent partnership,” the G-7 leaders said in their joint statement. However, no clear information has been given about how this G-7 scheme will be financed. At the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the G-7 plan was not yet at a stage when the funding details could be made public.

The solidarity of democratic countries

The G-7 includes the seven richest democracies in the world. In this, apart from America and Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan are named. Apart from America, Japan, India, and Australia are included in the ‘Quad’. US President Joe Biden has made the G-7 meeting a platform to increase his diplomatic reach.

On his first major foreign visit as President, he underlined his intention that the democratic countries of the world are united in dealing with the world’s great challenges and issues of importance for the future. The new draft of the Atlantic Declaration was signed after the meeting between the US President and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the meeting. It resolved to enhance cooperation on various issues such as addressing global challenges and protecting democracy, the importance of collective security, and a fair and sustainable global trading system.

India offer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G-7 conference for the second time after 2014. He participated in the conference through digital medium and raised the point of ‘One World, One Health’. India and South Africa’s proposal to temporarily relax vaccine patents to ensure equitable availability of COVID-19 vaccines received widespread support at the G-7 summit.

Prime Minister Modi’s appeal was supported by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, World Health Organization (WTO) Director-General Angozi Okonzo Ivella, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. According to P Harish, Additional Secretary (Economic Relations), Ministry of External Affairs, India-South Africa’s proposal for TRIPS exemption in the WTO received wide support in the discussion. Text-based negotiations on the proposal are expected to begin at the WTO’s TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) council.

How effective the g-seven

The G-7 has been criticized as never being an effective organization, although the group claims several successes, including launching the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. It has saved 27 million lives since 2002. Its role is behind the implementation of the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement.

China is not a part of this group despite being the world’s second-largest economy. The reason for this is that the world’s largest population lives here. The wealth per capita income is much lower than that of the G-7 group countries. In such a situation, China is not considered an advanced or developed economy. Russia also joined the group in 1998 and it changed from G7 to G8 but Russia was suspended from the group after annexing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

what say
are knowledgeable

There is a new global mobilization on issues such as international trade, security, strategic diplomacy, and extremism. Organizations like G-7 and Quad will play an important role on the global stage in the coming days.
Pinak Ranjan Chakraborty,
former diplomat

An infrastructure plan is in front to compete with China’s global campaign. But it is necessary to agree on how to stop China from violating human rights.
– CM Bhandari,
former diplomat

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