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How to connect up to 32 people on WhatsApp on a voice call and how it will work Learn

How to connect up to 32 people on WhatsApp on a voice call

Offering a new feature to the users, WhatsApp has allowed up to 32 people to join simultaneously under voice calls. Earlier, only 8 people could connect on a voice call, but now its limit has been expanded. It has been rolled out for Android and Apple iOS. Let us know how you can connect 32 people simultaneously under voice call on WhatsApp.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, WhatsApp last increased the limit for group voice and video calling to 8. But now the support of 32 people will be available on voice call only. The rollout is happening on Google Android and Apple iOS. The app’s FAQ on WhatsApp has been updated with a new limit.

Updated here

The updated FAQ section states that group calling allows up to 32 people to make voice calls with each other using WhatsApp for free. Apple users can also use the new call limit. At the same time, information has also been received from the listing on the App Store that the new update can add 32 people.

What’s special about the new design?

How to connect up to 32 people on WhatsApp

According to the information listed on the App Store, a new design has been introduced in the feature to add up to 32 people on a simultaneous voice call. It gets an updated interface with a social audio layout, speaker highlights, and waveforms.

How to connect

In this, you will make a normal voice call as before, and then after picking up the call of other users, you will see the top side, by tabbing on the pair option, the number saved in your phone or the people you have chatted on WhatsApp. Can call This way you can add up to 32 people on a voice call at once.

How will it work?

When a group call is made on WhatsApp, all the participants are shown on the screen and the first name is the person who has connected. You can tap Call History to view individual participants from the call.

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