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How to make WhatsApp disappear from the home screen, name, color and icon may also change

How to hide WhatsApp in the phone: WhatsApp users can hide the entire app in the phone. With this, neither any other WhatsApp will be able to see nor anyone will be able to open the personal chats present in it.

To hide personal chats on WhatsApp, users follow many methods. People of all age groups use WhatsApp in India and its popularity is not hidden from anyone. But today we are going to tell you how you can hide WhatsApp inside your smartphone. Even its icon and name can be changed.

To hide private chat and personal chat on WhatsApp, we use a method like an archived chat, because apart from this there is no other way to hide chat in WhatsApp. But now the entire WhatsApp will disappear from your phone, after which it will not be able to be found even by searching in the phone. Which no one can find even by searching. No third-party app is required for this.

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Whatsapp To hide any app, a special process will have to be followed. For this, first, click and hold on to WhatsApp for a while, and then some chats and options will start appearing on top of the app. One of these options will be to edit, click on it. After this, a box will open, with the label Edit on the top and the middle of the screen, below that, will be the name of the app, which you can place anywhere you want.

You can put another icon in whatsapp

Apart from this, by clicking on the icon of the app, you can choose another icon. After that click on the option of setting. Now no one other than you will be able to open WhatsApp. We have seen this method by using it on OnePlus 7 Pro. This option may be slightly different in different phones.

Can regain the same form

After this, whenever you want to get your WhatsApp with the normal name and icon, then click and hold on the changed icon of WhatsApp for a while. After that choose the option of edit and click on the option of reset. With this, WhatsApp will come with the old look and name.

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