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How to Save Outlook Email to PDF Easily, Learn Step by Step

How to Save Outlook Email to PDF Easily, Learn Step by Step

Convert Outlook Email To PDF: Outlook is a very important part in our work life. Most of the official work is done through mail only. There are times when we need to save Outlook mail as PDF. If you have recently started using Outlook after Gmail, then today we are going to tell you a very easy way to save Outlook mail in PDF through this news.

Before explaining the easy way to save Outlook email to PDF, let us make it clear here that you will not be able to save mail to PDF through Outlook’s mobile app. For this, you have to use a laptop and computer.

How to save email as PDF on Outlook 2010 and above?

    • First of all open Outlook on your laptop and desktop.
    • Now open the mail which you want to save by converting it to PDF.
    • After this, tap on the three dots with More Actions, which will appear on the top left corner of the mail.
    • Here you will see many options. You have to select the Print option from these.
    • Now once again tap on the Print option shown above.
    • After this, you will see the options of Destination, Pages, and Layout, from which you have to choose the destination.
    • Here you will see the options of AnyDesk Printer, Save As PDF, and See More, from which you have to select the Save As PDF option.
    • After that click on Save.
    • As soon as you click on save, you will see the option to change the file name. You can save it in your favorite folder by renaming the file.
    • After this, your email will be saved in PDF format.

Microsoft Outlook Lite Recently Launched

Microsoft has recently launched the Lite version of its Outlook email app. This lite app offers the special features of the original app in smaller app size. The size of this app is only 5MB and it can work on devices with 1GB RAM as well. The company has claimed that this app is capable of working with less battery and less storage space without compromising on the features.

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