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Cyclone Yaas Live Tracker: How to track cyclones using Esri India GIS Map

Cyclone Yaas Live Tracker: The ‘Yas’ cyclone has entered Odisha and West Bengal along the maritime boundary and is causing havoc. This map can be used to find the position of a cyclone. This will provide the storm route and all updates.

Esri India is an Indian Geographic Information System (GIS) software and solution provider that has also created a system to track Yas cyclones’ live. The Acery Mapping and Analytics system, together with ArcGIS Online, has been developed.

This software provides information related to the cyclone. All these inputs are taken from the Meteorological Department. These information will include information on weather, wind speed, the number of people living in the affected area, etc. In this map, information is taken from many certified platforms.

How to track a cyclone?
You can go to Cyclone Yaas Live Path Page in your browser to track Cyclone Yas live. A good internet connection will be required for this. It can run on both phones and desktops.

Users will also get other information about the related area by zooming into the map. It will also show pictures taken from the location, weather, wind, and satellite of the shelters.

The MD of Esri India stated that the purpose of this map is to provide information to the administration, departments, government, and social organizations so that they can reach the needy people.

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