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Interesting Facts: Know how life came to earth, in which ice age began, these are interesting facts


  • The Huronian Ice Age began about 2.4 billion years ago
  • Earth was frozen for about 300 million years during the Ice Age
  • Learn about the main ice ages here

Huronian Ice Age Facts: Almost all of you must have heard about the Ice Age. It is a period of cold global temperatures and periodic glacial expansion lasting several million years. Due to this, the creatures originated from the earth. An ice age is generally considered to be an era in which there is only ice everywhere, but in science, it means the freezing of ice from both poles of the Earth to the continents and oceans for a very long time. In this, it is not necessary that the whole earth should be frozen with ice, but a large part should be frozen by ice.

Huronian Ice Age

The Huronian Ice Age began about 2.4 billion years ago and ended about 2.1 billion years ago. This ice age was the first and longest ice age on Earth, meaning the ice was freezing on Earth for the first time. Before this, there was a lot of heat on the earth and there was no sign of ice in any corner. Then what happened that our hot earth became a victim of an ice age? In fact, when the Huronian Ice Age began, the Earth’s atmosphere contained only 0.02% oxygen and the rest was methane gas, as is the case on today’s Titan (a moon of Saturn), while only unicellular organisms named after organisms lived here. These creatures were able to breathe without oxygen.

With the advent of the Ice Age, the methane, which used to keep the atmosphere warm, began to disappear. At that time our sunlight was also much less than today and it was not enough to keep the earth warm, due to which the atmosphere started cooling and it gradually became so cold that ice started to freeze everywhere and as a result Huronian The ice age began.

Unicellular Organisms Died Out

During the Ice Age, everything on the earth was frozen, sea and land. The organisms of that time could not bear this changing temperature and increasing oxygen, because for them oxygen was like a poison. After the death of these creatures, a new type of organism emerged. Organisms that used to breathe using oxygen, like we breathe. Then the development of these micro-organisms laid the foundation of today’s world. However, if you travel through time and look back at that time, you will not see any organism dying, because all those organisms were microscopic, that is, they were made of only one cell. Those that are impossible to see with the eyes and most of them also lived in the oceans, the oceans which have now become glaciers. At that time there was so much ice on our earth that from space it would have seemed like a big ice ball.

Earth frozen for 30 million years

Scientists believe that the Earth was frozen for about 300 million years during the Ice Age, after which the process started again on Earth and has reached this position today. The last ice age was at its peak about 20,000 years ago. The ice age is believed to have ended about 12,000 years ago, but some scientists say that Greenland and Antarctica still have ice sheets, which means that this ice age is in its final stages and is not yet over. When this era was at its peak, much of northern India was covered by a thick layer of glacial ice for thousands of years.

Main Ice Age

  1. cryogene ice age It was the longest ice age after the Huronian Ice Age. This happened about 85 to 63 million years ago and is considered the most severe ice age of the last one billion years. In this the whole earth was covered with snow.
  2. Andean-Saharavi Ice Age- It was a minor ice age that occurred about 46 to 43 million years ago.
  3. do ice age- This ice age occurred between 36 and 26 million years ago. At that time the vegetation and plants on the earth became very dense and extensive. Carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere was reduced and the amount of oxygen became very high, due to which the temperature of the earth dropped significantly and the ice age started.
  4. Quaternary Ice Age- This is the ice age that is going on now and started about 2.5 million years ago. In this ice age, the temperature and the outbreak of snow have been going up and down, due to which the water of the oceans also keeps rising up and down.

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