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‘I have faced racial remarks in England because of Indian,’ Indian legend shows pain

Former India and Lancashire wicketkeeper Farooq Engineer says that racism has to be rooted out, otherwise people will keep making all kinds of comments. During a conversation with The Indian Express, the pain of the Indian veteran was also reflected when racist comments were made on him for being an Indian. He was saying this in the context of old racist tweets by young England all-rounder Ollie Robinson.

Farooq Engineer has also criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson’s comment on Robinson’s suspension said that when he (Robinson) made such remarks, he was very young. In such a situation, they should not get such a big punishment for the old mistake. However, Robinson is not getting full support from the cricket fraternity. Farooq Engineer said that the mistake that Ollie Robinson has committed, he will have to face the punishment.

He said, ‘I think it is completely stupid that a Prime Minister is making statements on such matters. The ECB has done the right thing by punishing him (Robinson). He made a mistake and he should be punished for it. this is frustrating.’

“It’s really a shame,” he said. When you say that then he was a teenager. He was 18 when he made the tweets. It is the age in which a person is responsible for himself. If he had gone further in these things then things would have been worse. He said, ‘If strict action is not taken on this then people will keep doing similar things against people of Asian origin. It has to be rooted out.

“I’m not saying ban him for life, but definitely give him a heavy fine, which not only hurts his wallet but also makes him miss a series or a short period of time from Test cricket,” he said. Do away with category cricket. Be strict about this.

Farooq Engineer, who played 175 matches for Lancashire, said that in the initial days he was subjected to racist comments. He said, ‘When I went to county cricket for the first time, people raised questions that hey this has come from India. I faced racist comments upon joining Lancashire. It’s just because I was from India. It had to do with making fun of my accent. I think my English is actually better than most of the British, so soon they realized that you can’t mess with Farooq Engineer.’

Let us tell you that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has constituted a committee in this matter. Robinson has been suspended from international cricket until the committee’s report. The 27-year-old all-rounder recently made his Test debut in a match against New Zealand. Since his debut, his nearly decade-old tweets started going viral on social media. After this, the ECB took this action.

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