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Baba Ramdev told IMA General Secretary Dr. Lele ‘stigma in the name of allopathy’, watch video

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev came into the limelight by making a controversial statement on allopathy amidst the coronavirus epidemic. He had said that more people have died due to the use of allopathic medicines than the number of people who did not die from the corona. There was a lot of controversy over this and the Indian Medical Association filed several cases against him. His scathing tussle with IMA General Secretary Dr. Jayesh Lele on National TV was very popular. Baba Ramdev has now said about Dr. Jayesh Lele that he is a stigma in the name of allopathy.

Speaking on News18’s debate show Aar Paar, Ramdev said that Dr. Lele has sent him several messages from his Twitter account. He said, ‘Lele Ji has a Twitter account, I have 25 messages sent to him, if someone will read them..they are stigmas in the name of allopathy.’

Ramdev further said, ‘It is said that this is a favorable time to take the message of a particular religion from door to door – by blowing the dust, by splashing water, by hypocritical superstition. So why are you bent on making allopathy an exopathy?’

Let us tell you that during the ongoing dispute between Baba Ramdev and Dr. Lele, Patanjali’s chairman Acharya Balkrishna had escalated the controversy by saying that yoga by targeting Baba Ramdev as part of the conspiracy to convert the entire country to Christianity. And Ayurveda is being maligned.

Baba Ramdev also gave his opinion on this issue. He said, ‘So many videos of Dr. Lele have gone viral that the court has even sent summons on it that how can you, being a doctor, encourage people to convert. Swami Ramdev has not changed anyone’s religion, I have changed people’s lives.

At the same time, during the debate show, Baba Ramdev also said that about 90 percent of the country’s good doctors are respected by those who are authentic and do yoga while respecting the knowledge tradition of their ancestors.

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