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Imran meets despite Corona being infected, opposition condemned

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared and met in front of his media team despite being infected with the coronavirus. Since this meeting, he has been subjected to criticism from the public and the opposition. It is also being discussed on social media. The infection was confirmed last Saturday in an investigation by Imran Khan (68) and his wife Bushra Bibi. A few days before the infection, the Prime Minister had administered the anti-Kovid-19 vaccine.

The Chinese vaccine ‘Sinopharm’ is currently available in Pakistan. The first dose was taken by Khan last Thursday. Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraj and another MP Faisal Javed participated in a meeting with the Prime Minister, which he photographed on social media. In the picture, Khan can be seen talking to his team which includes Faraz, Javed, Yusuf Baig Mirza, and Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari. According to Dawn newspaper, Imran Khan had a meeting at Banigala residence. The opposition says that the Prime Minister himself violated the Kovid-19 rules, so an FIR should be lodged against him.

“Interestingly, no official spokesperson could defend the event of the Prime Minister meeting despite being in seclusion and many of them shied away from coming to the media on this issue,” the news said.

On social media forums, people wondered what the prime minister needed to present himself and meet despite being infected. People also asked the question why Khan did not hold the meeting through video conference.

According to the standard operating procedure issued by the National Command and Operation Center, an organization created to control the epidemic in Pakistan, a corona patient has to remain in isolation for 14 days, but Prime Minister Khan has four days of being infected. Only after the meeting.

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