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We must not return to the era of ‘your terrorists’ and ‘my terrorists’

India has said that 20 years after the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, efforts are again being made to divide terrorism into different terms like ‘violent nationalism’ and ‘right-wing extremism’ and call the world “your terrorists”. ‘ and should not return to the era of ‘my terrorists’, but this problem should be fought together.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador TS Tirumurti said that the international community has recognized this point, while participating in the discussions at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday to pass a resolution on the Seventh Review of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (GCTS). That the threat of terrorism is very serious and universal and can be defeated only by the collective efforts of all the member states of the United Nations without exception.

Tirumurti said the international fraternity should not forget that before the 9/11 terror attacks the world was divided between ‘your terrorist’ and ‘my terrorist’. He said that two decades later, “it seems that efforts are being made to divide us once again,” and that new terminology is being coined under the guise of emerging threats such as racially and ethnically motivated violence. Extremism, violent nationalism, right-wing extremism.

Tirumurti said that the lack of a globally accepted definition of ‘terrorism’ is “an obstacle to our common goal of eliminating this global problem.” He said, “The current strategy is towards adopting a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.” failed to break the deadlock. India is a strong supporter of this agreement.

According to the UN’s Counterterrorism Office, the UN’s Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy is “a unique global step to enhance national, regional and international efforts against terrorism”. By adopting it unanimously in 2006, all UN member states agreed for the first time on common strategic and operational steps to combat terrorism.

The UN General Assembly reviews the strategy every two years and is tailored to the counter-terrorism priorities of member states, the UN agency said. The General Assembly reviews the strategy and at this point considers the adoption of the resolution.

Tirumurti said the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy was adopted by consensus 15 years ago and was a major step towards achieving and maintaining international security and peace. “It was agreed that terrorism in all its forms and forms would be condemned and no act of terrorism could be treated as an exception or justified, regardless of the thinking behind it,” he said. Be it or they have done it anywhere, anytime and anyone.

He said, “It was also accepted then that no incident of terrorism can and should not be associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group.” Tirumurti further said that this is necessary. That all member states do not lose sight of the progress made so far, but also “ensure that we do not give the slightest opportunity to justify or justify terrorism as it would otherwise undermine the importance of our collective fight against terrorism.” ”

Tirumurti said, “Justification of terrorism in any form, whether it is on the basis of religion, ideology, ethnicity or race, will only give an opportunity to terrorists to increase their activities.” On the issue of fear) being mentioned, Tirumurti said India is once again obliged to point out that the list has been selectively oriented and is limited to only three Abrahamic religions.

“This important institution has once again failed to acknowledge the violent terrorist attacks that promote hatred against other religions, including Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus. We have to make a distinction between countries that are pluralistic and those that promote communal violence and insist on the rights of minorities.

Tirumurti said, “The United Nations is not an institution or forum where member states should segregate on the basis of religious-fear, but it should actually nurture a culture based on universal principles of humanity and compassion so that terrorists can fight against terrorists.” Thinking can be fought collectively.

He said that India has been at the fore in the fight against terrorism due to being a victim of cross-border terrorism for several decades. However, it is time to call on those who openly violate global commitments to terrorists and these groups by providing moral, logistical, economic and ideological support to terrorist groups.

Tirumurti said that misuse of internet and social media for terrorist propaganda, recruitment of members, new payment methods etc. and emerging technologies like drones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics have emerged as a very serious threat for which all Collective action is needed on the part of the member states. “The international community needs to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for terrorism. Our collective condemnation of terrorism must be loud and clear.

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