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India touches the figure of 1 Million in 21 days…

The current situation in India is getting worse day by day. India got 1 million cases within 21 days. within the last 21 days, India reached 10 lakh to 20 lakh corona cases that is a huge number.

India has 3rd place worldwide in corona cases. India has become the 3rd country after America and Brazil on Thursday, where corona cases increased more than 2 million.

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42% of cases have increased in these cities, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Bihar. a number of corona cases become 2022730 on Thursday when 62088 new corona cases found on Thursday.

Now the doubling rate of coronavirus in the country is 22.7 days, this doubling rate is more than in America and Brazil. America’s doubling rate is 60.2 and Brazile 35.7 days. If coronavirus will increase in this doubling rates so India will lead America, which will a serious issue.

India touches the figure of 1 Million in 21 days

Doubling rate means that in how many days coronavirus cases are becoming 2 times. on 7 August according to the health ministry, coronavirus cases have become 2027075, in which 607384 are active cases and 1378106 have cured of coronavirus, and 41585 people are dead from this virus.

Now the recovery rate is 67.62%. the vaccine is not developed yet, and this virus does not have any medication, all we can say that corona patients should have proper rest and take medicine what doctors are suggesting.

People are visiting the vegetable market and various public places fearfully, which is also a big cause of increasing numbers of coronavirus. if we will take precautions and avoid the crowded area so we can escape from this virus. we only save ourselves and our family on our own.

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In the current Unlock 3.0, all the services are being opened up with proper guidelines by the government. The last weak Gym & malls are being opened with some conditions. In which wearing a Face shield is compulsory while doing the workout.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in public places & gathering’s Now only School & education institutions are left to be opened. Which is expected to be opened after August.



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