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World Press Freedom Index: India’s ranking improves, still not safe for journalists

India’s ranking in the World Press Freedom Index 2021, published by the International Journalism Non-Profit Organization, has not fallen, but India is still not considered a safe country for journalism. It said that India is among the most dangerous countries in the world, where journalists have to face a lot of difficulties in doing their work in a convenient manner.

Norway topped 180 countries in the latest index released on Tuesday. It is followed by Finland and Denmark. While at the bottom is Eritrea. China ranks 177, and 179 above North Korea and 178th in Turkmenistan. India is at 142nd position like last year. It has been steadily sliding down since 133 in 2016. Among the South Asian countries, neighboring Nepal 106, Sri Lanka 127, Myanmar (before the coup) 140, Pakistan 145, and Bangladesh 152 rank.

The report released on Tuesday said that India is in the “bad” category along with Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. The latest report blames the atmosphere of intimidation created by BJP supporters for any criticizing journalist in India. According to the report, such reporters are marked as “anti-state” or “anti-national”.

It said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “has strengthened his hold on the media.” The report states that “Four journalists were killed during their work in 2020. In such a situation, India has become one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, where it is very difficult to do its job properly. ”

Journalists face “all kinds of attacks, including police violence, ambush by political activists, and rebellions provoked by criminal groups or corrupt local officials”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s massive victory in 2019 After this the pressure has increased on the media to follow the line of Hindu nationalist governments. ”

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