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Israel shares technology with India during Pandemic…

Israel shares its Technology with India in the Corona Pandemic.

Israel has come forward to help India. Israel has provided a “state of art technology” and equipment related to artificial intelligence to our country’s all India institute of medical sciences (AIIMs).

Israel says this technology not only helps AIIMs to handle coronavirus but also increases the healthcare facility. in 2017, AIIMs senior doctors had visited Israel.

Israel embassy said in their report that it been over a decade for our partnership with AIIMs. The Israeli ambassador to India, Dr. Ron said We are very much happy to share the technology with our friend nation India.

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israel shares technology with India
image source: Business Standard

Israel Shares its Technology…

This technology will help India to grow in the field of Research & development. Later after the talk of between two country’s prime minister to deal during the corona pandemic, the foreign minister of Israel started the joint operation with India.

With the help of this technology both the country capable to manufacture various devices to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. it is good to see that both the country helping each other in this critical pandemic situation.

This will be helpful for both the country and get a valuable outcome from this partnership, it will be beneficial for the country for working with this high technology.

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India has touched more than 23 lakh coronavirus cases and this number is increasing day by day. Between these increases in cases, there is still a low death rate in India, and the recovery rate is increasing which is good for the country.

Coronavirus impacted so many peoples living in the country. Currently, the nation is going in the positive side as the recovery rate is very high in current days.

The recovery rate has been reached to above 70%. Meanwhile, PM took a meeting of the Chief Minister of the top 10 states in which the maximum number of cases are being found.

In this situation deal with Israel will be seen as a trump card for the nation. India will get a lot of technology & Artificial Intelligence technology which will help India to do a lot of research & development.


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