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Jio will launch True 5G today, service will be available in these four cities first

Reliance Jio will start beta service of  True 5G in four cities from today. These beta services will start from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. The company says that this service will be the most advanced 5G service in the right world. That’s why this service has been named True 5G. From Jio, users will be given free 5G service without changing SIM and they will get fast internet service.

Jio TRUE 5G Welcome Offer for Users

  1. Jio True 5G service will be launched in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi.
  2. Under this, customers will get unlimited 5G data at the speed of 1 Gbps +.
  3. As soon as 5G infrastructure will be prepared in other cities, 5G service will be available in those cities too.
  4. Users will get free 5G service under beta trial till the coverage and user experience are improved in that city.
  5. Under the Jio Welcome Offer, no customer will need to change Jio SIM or handset, they will automatically get 5G service.
  6. Jio is working with smartphone makers for 5G handsets so that users can get a better experience through the device.

This is a beta service

The company says that this is beta testing. Beta testing is the trial phase before full launch, in which customer feedback is taken. Then based on the feedback that comes, things are changed. Jio says that it wants to give a new experience of 5G service to its 425 million users. Through this, India has to do digital transformation.

4G will be old

Jio aims to have 5G architecture ready in the coming days and 4G network dependence should be completely eliminated. Through this, Jio users will also get a different experience, whether it is video calling, gaming, voice calling or programming.

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