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Journalist Punya Prasun Bajpayee taunted PM Modi for farmer movement

Politics has been heated up in Haryana to stop farmers moving from Punjab to Delhi in protest against the new agriculture bill. For the past few months, farmers of many states including Punjab and Haryana have been continuously opposing these laws. Various political parties, ranging from farmers’ organizations, are targeting the central government. The well-known journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai, who is known for the peasant movement, has taunted him indirectly without naming Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Punya Prasun Bajpayee tweeted, ‘KBC’s question: Who was the person who raised Shastri’s slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” in 2014 after 49 years. Options: 1. Prime Ministerial candidate, 2 RSS pracharak, 3. Chief Minister of Gujarat, 4. One who calls himself the Principal. Various types of reactions are coming to this tweet by Punya Prasun Bajpai.

A user named Bharat Pandey has written, ‘Which journalist is he who has wanted Modi ji for the last 20-25 years to lose his popularity, drives against him day and night, as a staunch journalist Is a Congressman. Who had made Tejashwi also the Chief Minister, but the opposite happens. Answer – Punya Prasoon Bajpayee. ‘ A user named Veda wrote, ‘Bihari Babu has become so uncontrollable in his Modi hatred that it always has bad dreams all the time. Think if 1 percent of such intolerance is in them then what will be the result. ‘

A user named Sanjay Jha wrote, ‘Just now when the Kisan agitation was taking place in Punjab and farmers had blocked the railway tracks for many days, our’ revolutionary ‘journalists had the Congress brand locked in their mouths.’ A user named Pramila has written, ‘According to you the farmers are angry with Modi? Are unemployed angry with Modi? Are students angry with Modi? Are intellectuals angry with Modi? Muslims are angry with Modi? Who votes so much for Modi then?

A user named Sudhir has written, ‘Which journalists are those who target the Prime Minister – 1. Those who were beheaded in the Congress rule but not nowadays. 2. whose journalism of lies and appearances has failed. 3. Those who publish biased and irresponsible news. 4. Those who used to criticize any particular party.

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