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Kangana got angry at the statement of the accused of Nikita Murder, said – Bollywood did more harm than benefit

The Nikita Tomar murder case has now taken a new turn. According to a report in Dainik Jagran, the accused was influenced by the character of Mirzapur 2 who kills the girl if she does not believe. According to the report, the accused Tausif confessed to the police that he was influenced by Munna’s character and so he refused to shoot Nikita. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has lambasted the makers for coming to the news and has also given a lot of respect to Bollywood. He has said that by showing good-looking young people in negative roles, crime is glorified.

Speaking on Twitter, he said, ‘This is what happens when you glorify criminals. When negative and dark characters are portrayed as good-looking youngsters, they are shown as anti-heroes, not being portrayed as a villain, so this is the result. Bollywood should be ashamed that it has always done more harm than good. ‘ He OpIndia with his tweet. Com has also shared a news in which it is written that Tausif killed Nikita after watching Mirzapur 2.

Let us tell you that B.A. in Ballabhgarh, Haryana. com. Nikita Tomar, a final year Honors student, was shot dead on the road between 4 pm on 26 October. This incident was carried out by a person named Tausif along with his partner Rehan. In the incident in Mewat, the girl was shot simply because she refused to accept the proposal of the boy.

CCTV footage of this massacre was also revealed in which it can be seen clearly that the accused Tausif first tries to kidnap Nikita but does not succeed. After this, he takes out the gun and shoots Nikita on the head, and escapes from the car. The accused told police interrogation that he wanted to kidnap Nikita and take her along. Tausif shot her when she refused and started running away from him.

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