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Keep 3 things in mind while shopping online or in transactions

Valentine’s Day: In today’s time, we have started using online shopping or online transactions quite a lot because it is very convenient. Along with this, they do a lot of online transactions in Valentine’s Day shopping. But have you ever noticed that every one of your transactions is safe? Actually, there has been a lot of increase in online fraud in recent times. Today we are going to give you 3 special tips, which will protect you from online fraud.

People also buy a lot of goods online during Valentine’s Day. Many new websites are also seen during this time. In such a situation, we should pay a lot of attention to the transactions on the new websites and also pay attention to the quality of the goods.

Complete read every OTP message

Actually, during online transactions, people often just read the number and type it in, whereas the OTP message should be read in its entirety. Actually, the OTP message also contains the amount and sometimes the name of the merchant, so that you can be sure how much money is going through your account. With this, you will also avoid online fraud and you have also typed more money by mistake.

Check URL before making payment

In fact, whenever shopping on a new website or going to the payment option, first check its URL to start with HTTPS: // instead of HTTP: // because it is considered secure.

Change password

There are many people who keep their passwords very easy. This increases the possibility of online fraud. It is important that you always change your password and keep a strong password every time. We recommend that you keep your name and password out of date of birth.

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