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When Khesari Lal became very angry, this actress was accused of kissing without will

Khesari Lal Yadav (Khesari Lal) is considered to be the superstar of Bhojpuri cinema but he is also very much involved in controversies. Not only the actors but also the actresses have attacked her. One of these names is also of Priyanka Pandit. Priyanka Pandit accused Khesari Lal of kissing without her consent. And in this regard, he was called very good.

Priyanka Pandit had accused Khesari of saying that Khesari did it during the song without her consent. Priyanka Pandit had said that from the director of the film to the actor, no such scene was told. There was also a lot of cold war between Priyanka and Khesari Lal about this. Gargi had spoken badly about Khesari through video messages. Furious at Khesari, the actress said through a video message – ‘What are superstars. Calling and threatening me. Explaining to me. Son, come forward by working hard, not publicity.

Priyanka Pandit told Khesari that you have brought me for five years. Made a place with my hard work. I have come on my own Unlike you. I will start to tell you what you are, and people will come and kill people wherever they are. Priyanka had said that in her eyes, you have become Khesari Lal Bhaiya, everything will be known. They do not know how ritualistic their brothers are. The actress was furiously said that who has given you this right to call and threaten me. You are zero in my eyes

Let me tell you that the same accusation was also made by the actress Arvind Akela Kallu. He also accused Kallu of forcibly kissing in a film without permission. She was seen in the film Main Maine Sehra Dam Ke Aaunga alongside Gargi Khesari. Priyanka Pandit is a well-known actress of Bhojpuri. She has done films with Kallu including Pawan Singh to Khesari Lal, Dinesh Lal.

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