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Know in brief about Domain Authority & Keywords.

Domain Authority of any website is a description of its relevance for a particular subject area. This describes the ranking score in the search engine.

It means a description of the website that how the ranking of the website will differ. It affects many factors like linking, age of a domain, etc.

i. Every website has its DA

ii. DA let you know about the ranking ability of our website & your competitor.

iii. There are many keyword research tool which let you know about the domain authority of websites. for eg. Ahref, Mozz, Ubersuggest, etc.

iv. Higger the number in the DA higher will be the chance of ranking of the website. The domain Authority lies between 1 to 100

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v. Higger the Domain Authority will be close to 100 higher will be the chance to rank.

vi. We can also compare our competitors’ websites with tools.

How to check Domain Authority of any Website?

We can check the Domain Authority of our website & our competitors’ website too. There are many tools for checking the Domain Authority of any website. So let’s take an example of Ubersuggest to check the DA of any website.


I. To check the Domain Authority of any website first search Ubersuggest on google chrome.

II. open the first link then search a keyword or phrase over there.

III. you will see many stats & parameters on that page.

IV. you will also see many websites already ranking on that keyword on google.

V. Click on the ranking websites you will be able to see the DA (Domain Authority) over there. It must be between 1-100.

VI. The website ranking must have higher DA.

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There are different ways to Drive traffic on the Website.

I. Sharing post on social media.

II. Advertisements.

III. Creating backlinks.

IV. Organizing context & programs.

Use Of Keywords In Blogs.

Using Keyword is one of the most important things in any Blog. Keywords are the words or phrases which are searched by the audience on the internet in the browser.

If a blog is written by doing proper keyword research than there is a lot of chance of ranking of the post on the specific keyword. Using perfect keywords will attract more traffic on our blog. The best keyword is very beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Keyword research is done by tools present on the internet. Which shows many parameters & stats to select the Keyword.

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