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They have robbed our lives – Kumar Vishwas rained on the central government, how did he taunt

Famous poet Kumar Vishwas is not shying away from helping people in the midst of the Corona crisis. He helped people from the village to village, as well as inspired others to help. But in the midst of the Corona crisis, Kumar Vishwas was also vocal about the negligence taken by the government. He also left no stone unturned to taunt the government. Recently, he gave an interview to Bharat Samachar, in which he fiercely targeted the central government and state governments. Kumar Vishwas said during the interview that he did not even help those people who had eaten sticks for him.

Kumar Vishwas told during the interview that I saw myself helpless. People used to constantly tell me to get beds, but I was not able to help them. He said that so many phone calls were coming that I could not handle them. Along with this, Kumar Vishwas said that the situation in the village is still very bad.

Kumar Vishwas took a jibe at the government during the interview and said, “In the midst of this war situation, our parents ran away leaving us, which we Indians were never used to. We had no idea that the situation would become like this. The same is the case everywhere. Politics is happening everywhere, oxygen shards are being blown.

Kumar Vishwas asked the question, “The oxygen that has come now could not have come earlier? These trains which have run now, could not have run earlier? The task force that the Supreme Court has created, should not have been made by the government? You are taking tax, you have been elected, your workers have eaten sticks for you, they are dying.

Kumar Vishwas did not stop here. Targeting the government, he further said, “Those workers kept calling you, but you did not pick up the phone, did not help them. You are the owner of big medical colleges, open those colleges and your big Havelis for your workers.

Kumar Vishwas warned during the interview that as soon as the corona would end, all these people carrying four banana bags would stand outside the hospitals to have their pictures taken. It will show that Bhaiya Ji has taken over his assembly constituency. He said that till now they had robbed the brotherhood, but now they have robbed our lives. Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Kumar Vishwas has reprimanded the state and central governments.

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