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Lady Gaga dog walker shot, two dogs are stolen, the finder will get the reward of 3.65 crores

Two dogs belonging to American pop singer Lady Gaga have been stolen, which will give them about 3.65 crore rupees to the finder. Oscar Walker Singer’s Dog Walker was shot on Wednesday and his two dogs Koji (Koji) and Gustav (Gustav) were stolen from Hollywood. His third bulldog, Miss Asia, had escaped, which was later found by the police. According to a BBC report, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, the person walking her dog, has been rescued and is hospitalized.

Gaga is overly protective of her dogs and does not forget to carry dogs in the biggest shows. She also took her dogs along when she went to the American Music Award and the Super Bowl halftime show in 2017. According to police, it cannot be said clearly whether Lady Gaga’s dogs were targeted due to her celebrity status or whether it was a sudden attack.

There have been numerous incidents of theft of French Bulldogs in America. Dogs of this breed are very expensive, and they are in high demand. However, Los Angeles police say they are searching for the man who shot Dog Walker from an unannounced location at 9:40 pm on Wednesday. Police also said that a suspect had fled from the spot at the same time in a white vehicle.

Lady Gaga is deeply troubled by the theft of the dogs. His father Germanotta spoke to the New York Post and said that he was very upset about it. The incident is frightening as if someone has taken your child. Gaga’s father said that he has been in constant touch with his daughter since the incident.

Lady Gaga has announced the reward, saying that the one who brought her dog back will be given a reward of $ 5 million and she will not be questioned. He has also issued an email ID (Kojiandgustav@gmail.com) on which information related to both dogs can be given.

Now the news is coming that a woman, who has nothing to do with the incident that shot Dog Walker, has handed over both of Gaga’s dogs to the police. Gaga’s detectives have also identified the dogs and both dogs are safe.

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