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Lebanon Blast Update…

A massive explosion has occurred in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. in this powerful blast, more than 135 people are dead and 5000 people are wounded, many are missing. It looks like, the number of dead or injured will increase because the recuse team is still working and try to remove people from under the collapsed building.

The blast was so powerful that, many buildings of the city collapsed. the world is already suffering from the worldwide pandemic coronavirus and this bad news is coming.

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Labanon is already suffering from two crises, one is a coronavirus and the second is financial crises. according to the sources, the cause of the blast is, contained ammonium nitrate in the warehouse of the port for 6 years without any security and prevention measures.

The prime minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab told that was a dangerous warehouse that was there since 2014 and will not spare the responsible people of this blast. & President of Lebanon Michel Aoun said it will not be acceptable that how 2750 tones of ammonium nitrate stored in a reckless manner.

lebanon blast
image source: Sky News

Ammonium Nitrate should contain there where should not be any drain and chemical will be contained in a fireproof store. now, the investigation began that, how the explosion has occurred and how fire is caught in ammonium nitrate.

Known from the sources that the blast was so powerful that it was heard in Cyprus.

2020 is cruel for the world.

we will never forget this year and the coming generation will remind this sad year. Lebanon hospital was already full of COVID 19 patients. Now, this problem also came. This is a very hard time country.

All we can do is pray for Lebanon and Lebanon people. The latest update on the blast is many countries have shown humanity & helping Lebanon.

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Many countries have sent their relief materials to the needy. France has sent a special plane to Lebanon with food packets & relief materials. France has also sent a rescue team to Lebanon for help & in the rescue. This is the current update on Lebanon blast.

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