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Liquor will now be available at home in Delhi, the government will make a mobile app and website

The people of Delhi will now be able to get liquor sitting at home. The Delhi government has approved the new excise rules. This facility will be only for people who order liquor at home. Hostel, hotel, office, or any other institution will not get the benefit of this service. The responsibility of the service has been given by the Delhi government to those shopkeepers who will have an L-13 excise license issued by the government. After the order of the Lieutenant Governor, the Finance Secretary has issued a notification in this regard. The government will make a mobile app and website for this.

According to the Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules 2021, to take advantage of this facility, the common man will have to go online and place an order to order liquor at those shops, which have been approved by the government. The date of implementation of this arrangement is yet to be issued by the Delhi Government as it has not been clarified in the notification issued by the Delhi Government. Government agencies believe that the most benefit of this facility will be for those people who do not want to stand in line outside the shops. Apart from this, the system of sale will also be applicable at shops.

According to the new rules, a mobile app or website will be prepared to order liquor at home. Anyone can place an order for liquor by visiting this website. The Excise Department will clarify this process soon. As soon as the shutdown system was implemented during the Corona period, there were long lines outside these shops soon after.

The system is applicable in many states of the country: In the excise rules, this system is applicable in many states of the country. In those states, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Punjab, Kolkata are applicable. For this facility, states have created a portal from where liquor can be ordered. Many online private companies are also providing such facilities.

The court also ordered: The Supreme Court had also issued orders to implement this system. These orders were given last year. In this case, the Supreme Court had remarked that the Delhi government should consider the arrangement of home delivery of liquor as there is a crowd outside the liquor shops.

Source: Janstta.com

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