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Mahabharata actor counted family property of anti-BJP parties, people started making such comments

Gajendra Chauhan, who played Yudhishthira in the Mahabharata and former FTII chairman, remains quite active on social media. He gives his opinion on almost every issue. Recently he made a tweet about the assets of anti-BJP parties. He says that the anti-BJP parties have more family wealth than the 10-year budget of the country. People started commenting on this tweet and people started asking how much BJP’s assets are.

Gajendra Chauhan wrote in his tweet, ‘Total family assets of 22 parties opposing BJP is just 300 lakh crores which are 10 years budget of the country. Thought I should tell. In response to this tweet, a user named Jai Hindustani asked him in awe of why the BJP does not confiscate so much property. The user wrote, ‘Nothing happens by telling, BJP has a government then why not seize it? Do action. The BJP has chosen not to have gimmicks. Tell me how many actions were taken? How much property does the BJP itself have?

Jeet Kumar replied to Gajendra Chauhan in the same manner, ‘There are millions of families in the country who openly oppose the BJP. His assets will be around 10 thousand crores. That is, equivalent to a 30-year budget. Thought I should tell.

A user named A Citizen of Earth writes, ‘You were right only till Yudhishthira. This politics and lewdness do not suit you. ‘ Priyam Yadav replied to Gajendra Chauhan, ‘He only has 4 thousand crore BJP office in Delhi, where did so much money come from? Those who looted the country.

Sagar Seth wrote, ‘ED should take action against 22 parties. The country should tell the full details of where so much money came from .. because every penny is the property of the country. Prabhat Saraswat wrote, ‘When someone’s property becomes 16 thousand times, send it to the ED there also.’

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