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Manoj Tiwari at wrestling at the fair after winning wrestling was very fond of cycling

Bhojpuri star and former Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has recently become a father. BJP MP from North-East Delhi Manoj Tiwari has worked in many superhit Bhojpuri films. Manoj Tiwari is known for his impeccable style. Whenever he appears in an interview on TV channels, he talks openly. Once in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, he shared many stories of his life.

Was very fond of cycling: Manoj Tiwari had told Rajat Sharma in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ that he was very fond of cycling. He told, ‘I was very fond of cycling, but I did not have a bicycle. When I took Vijay Mishra’s bicycle to my village, in 4 days, the cycle revolved around the relationship. After becoming MP, Manoj Tiwari has also gone to Parliament several times by bicycle.

The fair was not worth the money: Manoj Tiwari had told the AAP court that he did not have money to watch the fair. Manoj Tiwari had said, “When I used to go to the fair, I did not have money, I could not even speak to my mother that to go to the fair, my mother was angry.” Manoj Tiwari became emotional in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ while narrating this story.

Jalebis were eaten by selling lungi: Manoj Tiwari had told in the AAP court that he had wrestled and ate jalebis in his childhood. Manoj Tiwari had said, ‘I remember the event of the fair too when I had to eat Jalebi, I had no money, then I saw wrestling happening. I fought wrestling in my age group (age group), I got junky by selling lungi when I got it in the prize.

Due to non-employment, there was an insult in the village: Manoj Tiwari had told the AAP court that his job was insulted in the village due to lack of a job. Manoj Tiwari had said, ‘The society used to pinch the pin again and again that your job did not take place. The villagers used to ask, “What happened, brother?” Not only this, but Manoj Tiwari has also sung a song on unemployment which was a huge hit.

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