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Mariya Putin, the first one to get Vaccine injected after Launch

Daughter of Putin, The president of Russia. Russia becomes the first to launch the CoronaVirus Vaccine, President of Russia announced the vaccine.

Mariya Putin, daughter of Vladimir Putin, was the first to get the dose of the COVID vaccine. Russia makes Vaccine Afterall, Russia became the first country to create a successful COVID vaccine.

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The vaccine is also launched in Russia. This big announcement was done by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. He said the first vaccine in the world is allowed in Russia.

According to Putin, this attempt is taken after the approval of the Health Ministry. He also says that this Corona Vaccine is firstly given to his own daughter.

Mariya Putin, the first one to get Vaccine injected after Launch
Mariya Putin, the first one to get Vaccine injected after Launch

Who made the Corona Vaccine in Russia Russia announced earlier that they have completed their work to develop the corona vaccine and they are going to launch it soon.

This vaccine is developed by the Moscow Gomlea institute in Moscow. Reports say that the production of vaccines has started on a large scale. Till October, everyone in Russia would be able to get a vaccine injected.

Everyone in Russia will get the vaccine This vaccine is the first in the world to get the Regulatory Approval. Reports say that everyone in Russia will be vaccinated so that everyone develops immunity against the CoronaVirus.

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Till now, no side effects or reactions are not found from the vaccine. Corona Vaccine in Doubt Vaccine from Russia is also being doubted, many experts have raised questions against it. WHO says no official data is provided against vaccines.

Dr. Anthony, a specialist in viral disease adds, that they hope Russia has tested their vaccine before launching it. This would be a great achievement for Russia if the results of the vaccine go well, and we would get rid of the COVID-19.

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