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Now will it cost money to use WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram?

Now will it cost money to use WhatsApp

Meta Paid Services: As you all know that WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging app today it is being used globally. Also, both Facebook and Instagram are social media apps that have different importance in themselves, and they are quite popular apps.

For your information, let us tell you that some time ago a company was formed by merging all the three apps which was named as Meta. Now the Meta company itself executes and controls WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Meta has announced that it is now going to bring paid services for these three apps. It means to say that Meta will offer advanced features to the users by taking some money.

For this, the company is setting up a new product organization, which will work for paid features on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The head of this unit will be Pratiti Roy Chowdhury, who has previously been the Head of Research of Meta. Let’s know the plan of Meta in detail..

Company plan details

In a report, it has been informed by quoting internal memos that Meta company is preparing a new division named New Monetization Experiences. The work of this division will be to focus on paid features for Facebook and Instagram apps and WhatsApp. Pratiti Roy Chowdhury will lead this work and this division.

This is not the first time that the company has given information or any discussion about the Paid features. Such a company has already talked about these issues. But till now the company has not talked about the information about how these features will be. Reports say that an interview with Meta Head of Ads and Business Products John Hegeman has revealed that the company is currently engaged in expanding its Ads business.

Other social media apps already offer Paid Services

Other social media companies such as Snapchat and Twitter already offer paid services to their users. In Paid Services, these apps provide service to the users in the name of Snapchat plus and Twitter Blue.

Through these services, the company of these apps gives many exclusive features to its users.

The revenue of all social media apps such as Snap, Twitter and Meta mostly comes from digital ads, which are run by users for branding and marketing. If Meta Paid provides features to the users, then they will be able to extract their revenue even without ads.

Some time ago, Snapchat has launched Snapchat + Subscription services, for which users have to pay 49 rupees per month to the company. On the other hand, Twitter already provides subscription product i.e. Twitter Blue users for around Rs 400 per month.

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