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Microsoft Deals With Tik Tok Update.Bann in America?

There are gossips in the whole world about the deal of Microsoft & Tik Tok which can be announced anytime. Satyam Nadela has shown his interest in buying the Tik Tok a few days back after President Trump told to banning the Tik Tok from America.

But now many situations have been changed. But today a Chinese Editorial clears the stand of China on Satyam Nadela’s wish.

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President Trump…

In the editorial, it was written that China will never let it happens & if American Government let this happened then there can be actions taken against Washington. On the other hand, American President Donald Trump said to do the preparations to sell the Tik Tok till 15th August.

If it not get sold by 15th than it will be banned in America. Till today there are 5-7 countries that have banned it & there were the maximum numbers of users in these countries. This is big trouble for the Tik Tok After the declaration of Trump Microsoft has started showing its interest in buying the Tik Tok.

But the privacy of the data is not cleared by China which will also create a lot of pressure on Microsoft for Data security after buying the Tik Tok.

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According to the sources, the news is coming that After this deal America will erase all the data from the other country servers. By doing this all the data will be secured & safe of the American users.

This is one of the great action taken by the American President. Before this India has also banned 59 Chinese apps that were found in sharing the national data with another countries Government. Which is a great risk towards national security.

All these actions are taken by after the controversy of India China on LOC where China came to the LOC with there soldiers. After this Indian government came into action & banned all these Chinese apps from India.

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