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Mika Singh could not sleep overnight through a call from Salman Khan, know the whole story

Tales of Salman Khan are discussed everywhere. Singer Mika Singh also shared an anecdote related to Bhaijaan Salman. Mika told that once Salman Khan’s phone had left him very sweaty. That night he continued to turn and could not sleep. Actually, Salman Khan did a prank with him. He did this prank while Mika was recording a song from his film.

Mika told – Salman Bhai has a habit that he calls people at any time, then it is 1 o’clock or 4 o’clock. In the same way, he also called me once. He told me that I have recorded the song that you sang. At that time he said – ‘Tera to Song Gaya’.

Mika said – He jokingly said that your song has gone, I got upset after hearing this. I did not sleep that night. Because if those songs are sung by Salman Bhai, nobody will listen to me. I called Composer as soon as the morning. So I asked him about this. Then I am told that Salman Bhai has sung the song, but another one. Salman’s brother pulled my leg about this.

Let me tell you, the reality music show has started for the Indian Pro Music League. Recently the shoot of the grand premiere of the show has been completed. Many singers and celebs like that speaker Salman Khan, Sajid Khan, Javed Ali, Neha Bhasin, Shaan, Kailash Kher, etc. were present on the set of the show.

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